Building a Sustainable Community Through Shared Knowledge

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The SFI Mission is to provide community-based resources, education, and funding that empowers small businesses to create economic growth while promoting the distribution of clean energy technologies that have a direct local and long-term impact on our sustainable global future.


One village at a time is our philosophy. Through our global network of partners, SFI works with businesses and governments in underdeveloped regions around the globe that want to invest, learn and deploy renewable technology opportunities within their community. SFI manages each project from funding and implementation through to success.

Who We Are

Sparrow Foundation Institute. (SFI) is a Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Training facilitator for Green Tech startups in underdeveloped, low economic, and recovering areas around the globe. SFI products are designed to solve specific energy and application needs typically related to solutions that provide remote energy use for rural general energy, pumping, water filtration, cooling & heating, refrigeration, lighting, and agriculture. SFI products/services can be deployed daily and in emergency disaster situations.
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Community Support

SFI presents a dramatic change to the adoption and implementation of renewables by inviting communities to take ownership of a renewable plan they can create themselves. These plans will meet each community’s immediate and unique needs and future concerns about how they impact the global environment from a local perspective.
Global acceptance of clean energy products involves developing cleaner and leaner technologies that invoke partnerships, change, and acceptance. This requires improving how products are designed, delivered, and used. Through education and local resourcing, SFI’s goal is to provide local resources, greater value, performance, and product support.
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Partnership Opportunities

There are substantial financial incentives throughout the world available from government, organizations, and private entities to encourage the investment and use of renewable alternative energy solutions in the form of grants, rebates, credits, small business funding, and tax benefits.
SFI will leverage these generous and abundant financial incentives to help communities create local driven sustainable long-term opportunities.
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Through our leadership, partners, investments, and actions, we empower community leaders to take direct control over the renewable system they identify as essential for their target market while developing new jobs, products, and services locally.


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