Support for Communities

Global acceptance of clean energy products involves developing cleaner and leaner technologies that invoke partnerships, change, and acceptance. This requires improving how products are designed, delivered, and used. The goal is to provide local resources, more excellent value, performance, and product support. SFI strives to meet this goal through education and local resourcing.

SFI presents a dramatic change to the adoption and implementation of renewables by inviting communities to take ownership of a renewable plan they can create themselves that meets their immediate needs and future concerns about how they impact the global environment from a local perspective.

Renewable Energy Plans

One-third of the world’s population does not have dependable electricity, and the electricity being used is carbon-based. Most of these people live in rural, remote areas of the world’s poorest nations.

Global development of clean, renewable energy solutions is a Multi Billion-dollar industry; with governments providing vast sums of money to fund renewable energy projects, the global demand for clean energy has grown significantly. During this time, the use of renewable energy has expanded dramatically in most industrialized nations but has left out practical solutions for the countries that need it the most. Electricity demands will increase at a colossal rate that the industrialization of developing countries will fuel.

As a specialty provider and integrator of renewable energy solutions designed for developing communities,

SFI will position itself to provide products, services, training, and opportunities to fuel our move to a globally sustainable future.

Future Growth Opportunities

As branding and marketing awareness for SFI products build, major vertical markets will present new growth opportunities. Products can be quickly adapted to more demanding environments and installations to provide solutions within many industries.

SFI will position and hold a primary focus within markets with little to no resources to establish a sustainable energy plan.

  • Emergency Services

  • Healthcare Solutions

  • Utility and Energy

  • Agriculture

  • Clean Water & Pumping

  • Remote Location

  • Developing Communities

The Industry is ready, the communities are prepared, and the demand for our solution will only grow. SFI technology can be adapted to fulfill virtually any installation that leverages its primary product mission of supplying alternate energy resources in the form of Wind, Solar, and Hydropower. Our manufacturing limitations and product brand awareness are the only barriers within these vertical sectors.

Community Development

Sustainable development creates a wide range of job opportunities to help grow & strengthen the communities economy. SFI leads and finances development projects that invest in and improve our communities by providing utility assistance, small business support programs, and other revitalization projects. SFI provides the following support to our local clean technology business partners:

  1. Assist in establishing a locally owned business that will lead in their product management, distribution, education, and service.

  2. Provide direct access to funding resources and relationships that will provide the capital needed to secure the newly formed company's success.

  3. Provide raw product inventory and supplies to kick-start the company's first sales and implementation sites.

  4. Provide long-term professional business services.

Building a Sustainable Community Through Shared Knowledge

SFI presents a dramatic change to the adoption and implementation of renewables. By inviting communities to take ownership of a renewable plan they can create that meets their immediate needs and future concerns, they impact the global environment from a local perspective.

We are focused on educating the community about the benefits of clean, renewable energy. Through a global network of volunteer participation, the SFI Network will provide hands-on opportunities to learn valuable long-term skills and contribute to climate action.

Through our leadership, partners, investments, and actions, we empower community leaders to take direct control over the renewable system they identify as essential for their target market while developing new jobs, products, and services that benefit our global sustainable future.

Underserved Communities

It would be best to ask why renewables are not already adopted and readily used worldwide. Cost and infrastructure are the most significant barriers to renewable resource development, deployment, and acceptance. This is significantly compounded in underserved communities where resources and logistics prevent adoption entirely. Poverty, hunger, homelessness, and lack of educational resources are part of every culture, including being abundant in the US, where resources and infrastructure are readily available. In undeveloped regions around the world, the amount of suffering is unfounded compared to developed nations.

Underserved communities often lack necessities such as clean water, heating, refrigeration, reliable energy, and sustainable agriculture for the safe storage and distribution of food. The lack of these essential resources leads to the need for low-cost resources that result in the highest production of carbon emissions. All these barriers can be offset through education and the adoption of renewable resources.

Renewable energy is being championed as a potentially significant new source of jobs and rural growth worldwide and a means of addressing environmental and energy security concerns.

In most countries, governments have invested significant amounts of public money in supporting renewable energy development, requiring substantial quantities of it to be deployed by energy providers. SFI is driven to create, at a local level, renewable jobs and industry training opportunities by investing directly in each community that adopts a plan to reduce its long-term carbon emissions through the distribution and implementation of renewable energy products and services.

How Rural Areas Can Benefit from Renewable Energy:

  • Job and Education Opportunities

  • Renewables Can Protect Against Power Interruptions

  • Renewable Energy Reduces Water Usage Renewables Bring New Economic Opportunities

  • Reduced Energy Costs Free Up Funds Renewable solutions reduce carbon emissions

  • Natural or Man-made Disasters – Emergency Services/Products

  • Rural – off grid installations Minimal resource communities

  • Reduction of our global carbon emissions

Community Support & Service

At SFI, community education and service take a top priority as our investment back into each community we partner with and towards future jobs and opportunities for those striving to change our path toward a renewable future. With a distribution-based plan for installation and local support, we will set and maintain a high local customer service support infrastructure with readily available resources essential to sustaining our mission.

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