SFI believes the possibilities with education are unlimited. Partnering with the University of Massachusetts, SFI plans to produce sustainable, eco-friendly guided workshops and education materials easily accessible to all SFI Network members. With forums, dedicated groups, or projects, members can interact online around specific topics based on their interests or location.

Finance & Accounting

Joining our network means you'll get access to business-centric financial materials that can help you be smarter with your business's money. Get an introduction to financial statements and ratios, learn to forecast and budget for your business, perform leverage and break-even analysis, and much more. There are also courses dedicated to commercial management, maintaining profitability in economic downtimes, and tax accounting.


Get recommendations on sourcing materials from industry professionals around the globe. The SFI Network includes an extensive database of potential suppliers and vendors unique to your business’ sustainability needs.

Networking & Events

The Sparrow Foundation Network provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to find potential co-founders, investors, or employees and display the dynamism of our communities. Your ventures can be our application to gain visibility when launching, hiring, fundraising, or any other critical phase. Events are published monthly to our member calendar.

Loans & Grants

Each year billions of dollars are awarded to individuals and businesses through grants and other types of funding. Gain access to our online grant database that gives you access to free money applications from over 20,000 sources. If free financing to start a new business, expand your business or complete a worthwhile project would change your life and benefit your community long-term, what are you waiting for? Please feel free to register with SFI today.

Sparrow Foundation Annual Ball

Along with our many networking events offered throughout the year, we invite our top-earning entrepreneurs to the annual Sparrow Ball. Featuring a star-studded attendee list, guests will dine & network with some of the most successful individuals in green energy today. The funds raised from the Sparrow Ball will directly support sustainability in rural communities and emergency and life-sustaining services.

SFI Partnership Opportunity Process

SFI Partnerships start with a simple application for assistance in developing a local underserved community clean energy business opportunity.

Following a credential review that determines if the community qualifies as needs-based and the applicants qualify as professionals within their community with a genuine desire to join SFI in creating global change, we begin the SFI partnership program.

  1. Assist in the development of a formal business and financial plan.

  2. Provide access to our Educational Partners who will put together a formal business and industry educational plan that allows them to both get started with their project and commit to the education process that will help them build valuable skills towards their long-term success.

  3. Identify the local market needs – best target product/service solutions that meet their interests and provide valuable solutions within their community.

  4. Identify all product/service partners and negotiate/implement supplier contracts/agreements.

  5. Identify and apply for financial resources to implement the partnership business plan. I.E., grants, donations, financial services, local and federal incentives, and SFI direct investments/donations.

  6. Once funded, SFI will provide long-term mentoring and direct involvement to the level requested by our new partners to ensure their long-term growth and success.

From application to 1st day of operation takes between 90 and 120 days. During this process, significant work is going on to secure the resources and create the roadmap to success for each Partnership opportunity. Once an applicant’s partnership is accepted, they are provided all services and support through this process free of charge. Education, mentoring, and event participation opportunities are provided free of charge throughout the partnership.

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