About SFI

The SFI Mission is to provide community-based resources, education, and funding that empowers small businesses to create economic growth while promoting the distribution of clean energy technologies that have a direct local and long-term impact on our sustainable global future.


One village at a time is our philosophy. Through our global network of partners, SFI works with businesses and governments in underdeveloped regions around the globe that want to invest, learn and deploy renewable technology opportunities within their community. SFI manages each project from funding and implementation through to success.


A partnership and investment in SFI fuel local economic opportunities and create thousands of long-term jobs in undeveloped communities worldwide.


Our combined end goal is thousands of long-term successful clean energy business partners that make a powerful impact in our global sustainable future.

The Sparrow Foundation Advantage

SFI’s advantage is both within its technology and market strategy.  Our partners know both will change rapidly and have positioned their primary services for technology development, education, and distribution long term benefits. 

As new markets open and technology advances, SFI will use brand and quality of service recognition to provide additional products where needed the most.  

The primary advantages of SFI are:

  • 100% renewable product solutions

  • US-made products create jobs and education opportunities within the renewable market. 

  • Community-based distribution

  • Proprietary application solutions 

  • Plug-and-play solutions 

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SFI Financial Support Philosophy

SFI’s operations are structured to be self-sufficient monetarily. This is essential to keeping it from competing for resources with other organizations with complementary missions and allowing its model to be easily expanded, deployed, and managed globally.

SFI’s operational costs are covered by local distribution efforts created by adopting SFI products and services. Additional SFI support is gained from the resources donated by its volunteers – their time, enthusiasm, and action – SFI volunteers are essential to the success of our global mission to secure a renewable future together.

SFI seeks and receives financial support from global governments and organizations through donations to provide sustainable resources, products, training, and opportunities to expand SFI’s ability to deliver on its mission. We have listed our supporters here. We also have some nonprofit and commercial partners we work closely with to fulfill our mission.

SFI is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

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