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Sparrow Foundation Institute. (SFI) is a Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Training facilitator for Green Tech startups in underdeveloped, low economic, and recovering areas around the globe. SFI products are designed to solve specific energy and application needs typically related to solutions that provide remote energy use for rural general power, pumping, water filtration, cooling & heating, refrigeration, lighting, and agriculture. SFI products/services can be deployed daily and in emergency disaster situations.


SFI owns the rights to several clean energy products that it plans to distribute worldwide to create local jobs, long-term economic benefits, and pure tech education through a collaborative effort from local government and organizations interested in these regions' economic recovery and growth.

SFI Products and Services

SFI and its partners provide raw materials and semi-pre-assembled products to local businesses worldwide that then assemble, package, market, and distribute clean energy solutions that have a significant impact within their local market as an ongoing business enterprise.


Additional SFI partner products/services are:

  • Solar Panels

  • Large Wind Turbines

  • LED Lighting

  • Hydro electric

  • Refrigeration

  • Energy storage

  • Sustainable services training & education


Our goal is to provide products and services that are simple, all-inclusive, and both quickly and easily deployable around the globe from a direct local distribution advantage by empowering startup companies with the resources they need to get funded, trained, inventory, and the technical experience to support their growth.

The very companies that we jointly invest in will become a global network of sustainable products and services utilized and managed at a local community level.

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Accessing Solutions: Global Adoption of Renewable Energy Resources


There are substantial financial incentives throughout the world available from governments, organizations, and private entities to encourage the investment and use of renewable alternative energy solutions in the form of grants, rebates, credits, small business funding, and tax benefits. SFI will leverage these generous and abundant financial incentives to help communities create locally driven, sustainable long-term opportunities.


Global High Demand for Renewable Energy Solutions

  • Natural or Man-made Disasters – Emergency Services/Products

  • Rural – off-grid installations

  • Minimal resource communities

  • Reduction of our global carbon emissions


These barriers are compounded exponentially within undeveloped rural areas.  SFI’s products and services address deficiencies typically encountered by clean energy applications in areas with little to no resources. 


The following were identified as primary obstacles:


  • Service and maintenance of units required trained and motivated technicians within a reasonable economic distance of project installations resulting in excessive downtime and potential end-of-life of solutions in place.

  • Referral sales are a big part of any successful project, but with local representation, the economic cost to support and procure referral opportunities momentum for growth is recovered.


  • Product availability is limited to global shipping resources and costs and losses to be accessed for a damaged product during shipping and returns.

  • Current renewable energy products in the market are difficult to apply due to required technical knowledge, require multiple components, and cost prohibitive.

  • Limited financial resources restrict many remote geographic locations.

  • Most applications are either Wind or Solar - very few applications resources complete turnkey solutions that include energy storage and plug-and-play resources. 

  • Most applications need to incorporate energy storage for the maximum use of all energy created.


Renewable market innovation and technology are driving today’s economy at an ever-increasing pace. Our leadership, partners, investments, and actions empower community leaders to take over the renewable system they identify as essential for their target market while developing new jobs, products, and services locally. This creates unprecedented opportunities to meet society's needs for new products that significantly reduce their impact on the environment without causing further financial burdens on an already stressed economy.

Empowering Small Renewable Business Investment and Growth Worldwide

Similar to that of a franchise, while incorporating financial and educational assistance SFI will be the first company of its kind to create potentially thousands of small local global renewable businesses and tens of thousands of renewable jobs.


This methodology significantly increases renewable technology's adoption, distribution, and impact worldwide.

SFI partners will benefit from the following::

  • A solid foundation implementation template

  • Business & Technology Training

  • Product inventory and resources to customize products and services

  • Access to grants and other financial resources

  • A global network of partners and support!


Creation of Jobs & Opportunities in Remote areas

Renewable energy is being championed as a potentially significant new source of jobs and rural growth worldwide and a means of addressing environmental and energy security concerns. In most countries, governments have invested significant amounts of public money in supporting renewable energy development, requiring substantial quantities of it to be deployed by energy providers.

SFI is driven to create renewable jobs and industry training opportunities locally by investing directly in each community that adopts a plan to reduce its long-term carbon emissions through renewable energy solutions.

How Rural Areas Can Benefit from Renewable Energy

  • Job and education opportunities

  • Renewables Can Protect Against Power Interruptions

  • Renewable Energy Reduces Water Usage

  • Renewables Bring New Economic Opportunities

  • Reduced Energy Costs Free Up Funds

  • Renewable solutions reduce carbon emissions!

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The SFI Solution

Current solutions typically involve purchasing costly random solar and wind solutions for generic applications that result in low performance and high commercialized implementation costs that often include the complex maintenance of several 3rd party products over the product's limited lifetime.  

SFI products focus on targeting specific functions and energy resource management to maximize the total solution efficiency and the quality of its use throughout the product's lifetime while creating local resources for future development, support, and expansion of renewable energy products and services.


  • Application-specific remote power needs

  • Off-grid pumping, lighting, cooling, heating, and ventilation

  • Water filtration & agricultural

  • Plug and play Emergency deployed power resourcing.

  • Local support and resourcing


Why SFI?

SFI focuses on developing and distributing simple, quickly deployable energy solutions based on wind, solar and hydro alternatives that solve particular energy use applications such as lighting, heating, cooling, refrigeration, water pumping and purification, remote energy resourcing, communication equipment.

The Company's technology objective is to make alternative energy resourcing simple, reliable, cost-effective, and flexible for target solution-based applications.  A key aspect of SFI's vision is that its product line helps users deploy renewable solutions that wouldn’t otherwise be available within their region.  As a result, SFI will create new opportunities, jobs, and education within its target distributed markets.

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