The Sparrow Foundation Institute is ready to lead communities into a more sustainable future. SFI provides grants and

other financial incentives to support the development and use of renewable energy throughout the community.


Frequently Asked Questions

What services does SFI provide?

  1. Assist in the establishment of a locally owned business that will take a lead role in the management, distribution, education, and service of the products they offer.

  2. Provide direct access to funding resources and relationships that will provide the capital needed to secure the newly formed companies’ success.

  3. Provide raw product inventory and supplies to kick start the company’s first sales and implementation sites.

  4. Provide long-term professional business services;

    • a.Access to professional business mentors

    • b.Access to professional financial services

    • c.Regular direct peer group meetings with other SFI business partners

    • d.Access to Education resources both business and industry related

    • e.Participation in industry trade and organizational events

    • f.Participation in SFI annual business and award events

    • g.Access to SFI capital resources for expansion and growth opportunities

    • h.Access to all SFI and partner products/services at less than wholesale costs and in some instances free of cost.

A successful SFI partnership results in the creation of new clean technology business that has all the resources necessary to implement, manage, and grow within their community while being a mentor and template for surrounding communities that want to adopt and benefit from clean energy products and services.

Who qualifies for SFI services?

  • You must own greater than 75% and directly manage a business within a known underserved community and have a passion for clean tech solutions that will be deployed within your local communities.

  • You must be a member of the community in which you are seeking SFI support.

  • You must demonstrate that products/services will benefit your local community.

What is an eligible area?

  • Applicants must be both located and providing services in known underserved communities

  • Agricultural producers that provide products/services in known underserved communities

What funding is available?

  • SFI direct funding support from our donors and partners

  • Local, state and federal applicable grants towards eligible project costs.

  • SFI partners and corporate sponsors when applicable products/services are being utilized

  • Education scholarships and further education financial support

What is the maximum amount SFI will provide a project?

SFI works diligently to provide the maximum amount of funding possible though several resourced venues. SFI’s does not limit any projects amount of funding that could be resourced from its donors, partners, governments, and other nonprofit organizations. Some of these available resources might have limits in place to extend the use and deployment of available funds.

What are the funding terms?

There are no specific terms to SFI funding. SFI and its partners award funding to applicants that qualify and complete the SFI program guidelines. From application to funding it is anticipated to take 3 to 6 months but some programs could take longer. SFI works in a collaborative effort with all applicants to establish a business plan that justifies the use of funding and puts a solid plan in place for economic growth and sustainability of the clean energy products/services being created.

What is the process to get started?

SFI Partnerships start with a simple application for assistance in the development of a local underserved community clean energy business opportunity.

Following a qualification review that determines if the community qualifies as needs based and the applicants qualify as professionals within their community with a true desire to join SFI in creating global change we begin the SFI partnership program.

Are there fees for applying?

There are no fees and/or costs to participate as an SFI applicant and partner. 

Is there a guarantee of Funding?

  • SFI will conduct a background qualification evaluation using credit documentation procedures and underwriting processes consistent with generally accepted prudent lending/Investment practices.

  • Some grant agencies will require an evaluation that addresses any financial or other credit weaknesses of the applicant and the validity of the project scope to determine a funding award.

  • 3rd party donors and SFI partners might analyze several factors to determine that the business plan demonstrates a high probability of success prior to funding.

  • Funding factors to be analyzed include but are not limited to character, business background, the business plan, capacity, capital, and the community where service/products are being deployed.  

What is the expected timeline for funding?

From application to 1st day of operation takes between 90 and 120 days. During this process there is significant work going on to secure the resources and create the roadmap to success for each Partnership opportunity. Once an applicant’s partnership is accepted, they are provided all services and support through this process free of charge. Additionally, services such as education, mentoring, and event participation opportunities are provided free of charge throughout the partnership relationship.

What are the average size grants?

  • No set minimum. SFI participates in a large array of projects from general outreach to extensive clean energy power production facilities.

  • Individual grants average 100K

  • Company/corporate grants average 250K plus

Are there additional requirements?

  • Applicants must own/manage at least 75 percent of the company/corporation/project

  • Applicants must live/work in the community they are representin

  • All projects must have a local application merit and utilize clean energy available technology.

  • Energy efficiency projects require an energy audit or assessment.

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